Store Policies

Order Processing

Your credit or debit card will be charged upon confirmation of your order. Our standard processing and shipping time is one to two business days. Due to high order volume, our processing and shipping time can take longer. Any current delay is posted in the shopping cart under the shipping estimator for your convenience. You will receive notification from Salty Mullet including estimated processing and shipping time for your order. Thank you very much!

Cancelled Orders

Our new warehouse has an automated system that ships your product almost immediately after you order it. This is great for getting you your product quickly, but it also means that you cannot cancel an order once you submit it.

If you give us the wrong address

If you give us the wrong shipping address and the order has not shipped you can call us and we will update your address. If the order has shipped you will be charged a $15.00 per package intercept fee and the additional shipping from the intercepting carrier hub to your new address. These are charges that the carriers charge us, so we are in no way profiting from these charges.

If you refuse a delivery

If you refuse a delivery for an order that you made you will be charged a 10% restocking fee and the shipping back to us. The shipping back to us will be the amount of shipping that you originally paid. You will not get the shipping you originally paid back; you will receive a store credit for the purchase price of the product less 10% for the restocking fee, less the original shipping and less the return shipping. You will not receive a refund to your credit card, you will receive store credit.

If you do not receive everything that you ordered, or you receive the wrong item:

Every order that is shipped from our warehouse is triple checked, electronically verified and digitally recorded, but we are human and still make mistakes. If this happens please follow the directions below.

  1. Call or e-mail us and let us know that you did not get everything you ordered or that you received the wrong item. Our e-mail is
  2. If you are missing merchandise we will regenerate the order and check our inventory. Every order is electronically verified and digitally recorded. If everything checks out that it left here with the product in the box, then we will file a claim with the carrier for the missing merchandise. The carrier will investigate the shortage and will contact you to examine the package.
  3. If we determine that we left the merchandise out of the package then we will immediately send you out the missing merchandise and we will pay the shipping.
  4. If we sent you the wrong item we will ship you the correct item with a return label for the wrong item. We will pay for all shipping costs.

If you receive what you ordered but the product is defective: does not manufacture any products. However we will guarantee our products against defects, blemishes, and non-functionality and our responsibility to guarantee that you will get what you pay for.

  1. If you receive what you ordered but the product is defective, please contact us. Let us know why you are unhappy and what you expect us to do.
  2. If we do not take care of the problem in a satisfactory way, you are welcome to send the product back to us for a store credit of the product returned, minus shipping. Note that we will only issue store credit for returns that are started no more than 30 days after your order was shipped.That store credit can be used toward a replacement item of your choice. You will not receive a refund to your credit card, you will receive store credit. No partial boxes will be refunded. You will be responsible for all shipping charges.

If you receive a damaged item:

  1. Please contact us immediately by email at and let us know what is damaged.
  2. We will contact the carrier and file a claim on the damaged merchandise.
  3. The original packaging must be kept and be made available to the carrier. If you do not keep the original packaging we cannot file a claim with the carrier. The carrier will contact you and inspect the damaged package. They will then send us a claim form. This will take about 3 to 5 days.

When we receive the claim form from the carrier we will ship out your replacement.


You understand and agree that once the common carrier delivers your package to the address you specified, title transfers and you become the owner of the products in your package. After that, you are fully responsible for your products, so please make sure the common carrier has access to a safe location at which to deliver your package.

You agree that by placing you order, you release from all liability arising from or related to the products you purchased from, including (but not limited to) your or anyone else’s use of the products, your or anyone else’s storage of the products, and your or anyone else’s handling or transportation of the products. You agree to indemnify, defend, save harmless, and release and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any civil liability or criminal prosecution resulting from the products you purchase from

Carrier Inspections

The carrier will attempt to pick up your package three times, if by the third time you do not make your package available to the carrier, and we have sent you out a replacement, you will be charged for the replacement sent out plus the shipping.

Credit Card Chargebacks

If you dispute your credit card transaction, we will provide the card company with copies of your order history and delivery information, to aid in rebuttal of the disputed charge. If the charge back is ruled in our favor and reversal issued, you will be charged the $25 service fee that we received when the chargeback was filed.

Tax Information

Even though you made your order online, your purchase may still be subject to sales tax depending on your state of residence. To learn more about whether we have to collect sales tax on your order, you can use the estimator tool in your shopping cart or you can review your order before checkout.

Class Action Waiver

Any legal action, claim, or dispute brought by you must be conducted in an individual capacity. You may not sue, litigate, arbitrate, claim, or proceed in a class, consolidated, or representative action. By ordering product from Salty Mullet, you expressly agree to knowingly waive any and all right to bring any claim or cause of action – federal, state, or local – in conjunction with, or on behalf of, a class or any other individuals.


All disputes and conflicts arising from your use of the website, a purchase of products from Salty Mullet, or any other disagreement with Salty Mullet (including its parents and subsidiaries) must be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction in Chesapeake, VA. Any complaints or disputes filed in any other location will be immediately removed to Chesapeake, and you will be responsible for paying any costs of that removal, including attorney's fees and other expenses that may be incurred by Salty Mullet and its employees, officers, owners, and agents. Texas law will be the exclusive governing law of all disputes, without giving regard to its conflicts of laws principles.

Reservation of Rights

Salty Mullet reserves all rights to make changes to these Conditions of Use without notice, at Salty Mullet's sole discretion.

Website Content and Submissions

Except as otherwise stated in this section, Salty Mullet owns exclusive rights to all content on the Site including, but not limited to, the images, logos, headers, text content, and slogans, irrespective of whether that content was created by or submitted by Salty Mullet or another party.

Monitoring and Recording Phone Calls

By ordering product from, you give your express consent to and authorize to monitor and record any of your telephone conversations with our representatives.

Email List

By entering your email on our site, either to create an account or to place an order, you are agreeing to add that email to our mailing list. By adding your email to our mailing list, you will receive order confirmations, compliance emails, and marketing emails, among other emails. We take your privacy seriously and will protect your email address. You can "opt out" of our mailing list at any time by choosing the 'Unsubscribe' option in our weekly deals email or by contacting our customer service team at

Salty Mullet disclaims responsibility for any errors in pricing or other information on its email newsletters, advertisements and other specials. Salty Mullet can only guarantee the price as actually shown on at the time of purchase.

We appreciate your business and we want to keep your business. We do everything possible to ensure that you receive what you order and in a timely fashion.